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At approximately 1.45m (57") wide by 1.5m (60") tall, the nylon dome cages are our largest product type. They can be used in calm weather conditions outdoors on flat surfaces such a patio or lawn, or in the greenhouse.  Use includes emergence, flight, demonstration, pairing, egg laying and rearing of many types of insects.


There are no projecting internal seams to trap or hide insects, and our dome cages have a generous zipped access. They are supported with flexible fibreglass tent poles and can be positioned using the four tent pegs supplied.  Please note that the groundsheet/skirts will always be black in colour, but the netting part of the cage is manufactured in black or white as requested.  


Erection time approximately 10 minutes. Bag size when packed away approximately 70cm (24") long by (20cm) 8" diameter.  Weight (for complete dome cage) under 1.5kg (3lbs).   


Two types are available:


  • the tent cage which has an integral porous 90gsm geotextile groundsheet so that no insects can enter or escape.
  • the umbrella cage which has no groundsheet but has a cross-tape for stability and features internal and external 70gsm geotextile ‘skirts’. 


Select from

  • Frame included - this is the complete cage and includes the net, fibreglass sectional frame, tent pegs, and a tent bag to keep everything in.
  • Net only - you will receive only the netting part of the cage.  If you just want the net, or are buying a replacement net for an existing frame, make sure you have selected the “Net only” option.

Dome Cages

PriceFrom £116.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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