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Non-UK Customers

Yes, we do ship internationally! However, you won't be able to use the online shop for your purchase. 

To get the best price for overseas customers, we prepare personal quotes using current shipping costs. 

Therefore for all insect cage enquiries and orders, please contact us with the following details:

  • The product(s) you wish to buy:    name, size, colour, and quantity (or diagrams and dimensions for bespoke items)

  • Your shipping / invoicing details:  name, address, phone number, email


We will get back to you with a quote, including shipping but excluding any customs or importation charges.

Important note about international shipping:

If you are an overseas buyer, when goods reach your country they will be assessed for customs, importation charges and taxes.  You will then need to pay these extra charges promptly before the goods will be released to you.  The price you pay us for the goods does not include these costs which will be levied by the carrier, or border force, on behalf of your national tax collection agency.


It is your responsibility to a) closely track the progress of your parcel, and b) take prompt action to pay any charges that are due on import.  If you do not pay these extra charges when the goods arrive in your country, the goods will be returned to us (or destroyed) at an additional cost to you.  Please make sure you have read our terms and conditions with respect to this.  If you have concerns about goods which have been shipped (for example if you believe an item is delayed or lost, or if the parcel appears to have arrived in your country but you have not been contacted by the carrier or border force), please contact us without delay. 

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