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Our Safari XL moth trap is a versatile super-lightweight, supremely portable, economical unit.  Drawing on customer feedback from the past several years, the XL is an improved version of our original, extremely popular, Safari design.  Please note that the 38mm fitting ring is the default (standard) size for most applications.  The 40mm fitting ring is only required if you are using the Safari with our Podlight.


Features include:

  • Lightweight - weighs only 300g (10.5oz) without shield, or 715g (25oz) with shield
  • Roomy ... at 40cm (16") diameter and 34 cm (13.5") tall, the XL has plenty of space for eggboxes and your catch of moths. 
  • … and yet compact - packs away to only 1cm deep
  • U-shaped zip - for ease of access
  • Geotextile base - for extra durability when placed on the ground or other surfaces
  • Lighting NOT included.  Optional totebag, lighting rigs, and steady bar available separately


Just like the original Safari, the XL has an integral central cone with a light-source fitting ring and assembles rapidly.  It can be hung, or placed on a level surface with the support of the included base unit legs.  If necessary it can be ground tethered using tent pegs (not supplied).  With actinic lighting, trapping effectiveness is further improved by the whole body shining with a translucent 'UV glow'.


Trap only1 x net trap, 3 x base unit legs, 1 x light-source fitting ring (either 38mm, or 40mm, depending on which option is chosen above).


Trap with rainshield: includes all the components above plus 1 x plastic shield, 2 x aluminium cross-bar pieces, 1 x nut, 1 x 10mm domed screw, 4 x short legs, 8 x anchors, 8 x washers, 8 x 10mm domed screws


Photographs are for illustration purposes only and show the Safari XL with a variety of optional extras.  The base unit legs supplied with the trap are now black (not silver as illustrated).  The clear plastic rainshield is only included if it has been selected from the options above. Lighting NOT included, but we sell a tote bag, lighting rigs, and steady bar separately.  Although one light-source fitting ring is included with the trap, we also sell spare 38mm and 40mm fitting rings in the “Trapping Equipment” section of our shop.


Lighting options:

  • The Ento Nets LED Podlight can be supported in the cone of the trap using the 40mm Podlight fitting ring option. Do not use the Podlight with a 38mm fitting ring.  Other brands of lightweight LED lighting unit can be placed inside the trap, directly on top of the geotextile base.
  • A traditional 38mm (Edison screw) lampholder can be secured in the cone of the trap using the 38mm ES fitting ring option and shade rings, allowing the use of compact blacklight and blacklight-blue lamps.  Do not use a 38mm lampholder with a 40mm fitting ring.
  • Short to medium length straight actinic tubes can also be mounted vertically.  You will need the 38mm ES fitting ring option.  You will also need to purchase a steady bar.  Please note that you will not be able to use the rainshield with a vertically mounted tube. 
  • Straight or circular actinic tubes can be placed inside the trap, directly on top of the geotextile base.   As this type of placement does not use the fitting ring, choose whichever fitting ring option you prefer.



  • DO NOT use mercury, mercury blended tungsten, or any other type of hot-running lamp with this trap.  Use cool-running lamps only, for example blacklight, blacklight-blue, or LED.
  • DO NOT use the Safari XL without a rainshield in rain, drizzle, (or where rain is a possibility), or other damp conditions.  You should also ensure all other electrical components are completely protected against water incursion.
  • DO NOT use this trap in windy conditions.
  • Additional GENERAL USAGE safety and warning information about using a moth trap can be seen on our Product Info & Care page (main website menu).  Please read this carefully before making your purchase.
  • For safety and warnings specific to the lighting rig, lamp, and any other associated electrical components you are using, please carefully study the operational instructions included by the manufacturer before use. 

Safari XL Moth Trap

PriceFrom £44.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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