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The wire light-source fitting ring twists into the central cone of our moth traps.  Both ring sizes fit the Ranger, the Safari XL, and the old style Safari traps. 


Please ensure you are using the correct ring for your lighting equipment.  Do not use the 38mm fitting ring with the Podlight.  Do not use the 40mm fitting ring with a lampholder.  Using the incorrect size will lead to fitting problems and could cause a safety issue or damage to your trapping equipment.  The two types of fitting ring can easily be distinguished as the 40mm Podlight size also has a small rubber bead.


Fitting ring sizes:

  • 38mm: this size permits the use of leads fitted with 38mm lampholders and shade rings.
  • 40mm: this size must only be used to fit our LED Podlight system. 

Light-source Fitting Ring

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