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The Ento Nets Podlight® provides a durable and effective way of attracting moths. It is a compact, handy, cylindrical 12V system providing 360° of light. The six LEDs, two ultra-violet, two royal blue and two pure green, are effective in trapping a wide variety of moth species.  Podlight® must be powered by a 12V DC supply.  Each Podlight® LED unit is 11cm (4.33”) long, with a diameter of 4cm (1.6”) and weighs 125g (4.5oz).


Whilst Podlight® is not a direct replacement for more powerful 240V light systems our extensive testing has shown that it is ideal for use at remote sites, in the garden, or on holiday, where 240V / mains electricity may not be available.


Podlight® includes:

  • 1 x Podlight®
  • 1 x 50cm (20”) long DC power cable
  • 1 x storage bag

(not included: power supply; additional leads, cables or other fittings)


How is Podlight Supported in my Moth Trap?

The Podlight® is supported by a 40mm Podlight® Fitting Ring inserted in the central cone of our Safari XL and Ranger moth traps.  When buying one of our traps to use with the Podlight®, please ensure you select the 40mm ring option.  If you already own a Safari XL or Ranger, the 40mm ring is available separately in our website shop. Alternatively you could devise your own support system to enable its use with traps made by other manufacturers.


How is it Powered?

The Podlight® can be powered by a variety of 12V rated sources (it must not be used with sources providing less, or more, than 12V). Please note that you will need to buy a connecting lead for the power source you wish to use.  We cannot recommend any particular brand or specification of powerbank, as this is a fast changing market with new products appearing monthly. 


We provide an infographic about power sources and connecting leads to help you. To see the infographic, click on the Podlight® image on our ‘Product Info & Care’ page.


Podlight® (design no. 6081134) is registered at the UK Intellectual Property Office.


RCD Plug: For your added protection where 240V electricity is used in any part of the circuit (for example when connecting to a UK 3-pin plug socket), we recommend the use of an RCD circuit-breaker plug. It instantly cuts the power in the event of an earth connection leakage.  The plug must be tested and reset before each use.  The exact product design and colour may vary from that pictured.

LED Lights, Leads & Plugs

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