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Blacklight Lamp: Edison screw (E27) 20w compact blacklight.


Blacklight Blue Lamp:  Edison screw (E27) 25w compact blacklight blue.  This lamp uses Woods glass, which allows ultraviolet and infrared light to pass through, while blocking most visible light. The lamp you receive may either be of a triple turn design (as pictured lit) or spiral/tornado design (as pictured unlit), depending on available stock.


Electrical Lead:  Minimum 7.5m (25ft) long cable fitted with a standard UK 13A 3-pin plug and brass lampholder, including 2 lock rings.  The lampholder will fit all Edison screw (E27) bulbs.


RCD Plug: For your added protection we recommend you use our electrical lead with an RCD safety plug. It instantly cuts the power in the event of an earth connection leakage.  The plug must be tested and reset before each use.  The exact product design and colour may vary from that pictured.

ES Lights, Leads & Plugs

PriceFrom £11.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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