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Our hanging cages are used for emerging, flying, demonstrating, pairing and insect egg-laying, especially with lepidoptera.  Because they are lightweight and portable these cages are also useful for travel, offering temporary accommodation for a wide range of insects.  When not hung, the cages store flat and take up little space.


The non-fray nylon net is sewn with no internal projecting seams.  The cylindrical shape with near vertical sides ensures there is no ruching at the top, which could entangle insects.  Our hanging cages are fitted with a vertical entry single-slider side zip and he top and bottom rings are made of rust resistant metal. 


The drawstring base version of this cage features a slight "sag" inbuilt on the top of the net.  The base section with drawstring can be tightened to completely close the cage, or it can be placed over and tightened around an object (eg a branch).  The more traditional fully enclosed version features a taut sewn-in lid and base, on which lightweight feeders, cut plants etc. can be placed whilst the cage is hanging.


There are no inbuilt vertical supports on our hanging cages so they will normally require suspension.  However, optional support rods are also available which enable the cage to be placed on a table or the floor on occasions where inspection may be required or where hanging is otherwise inconvenient. Support rods are suitable for temporary short-term use only.


Fully enclosed cages (with sewn-in base):

  • Regular: 30cm (12") diameter and c.38cm (15") long. 
  • Large:  40cm (16") diameter, and c.58cm (23") long.


Drawstring base cages:

  • Regular:  30cm (12") diameter, with a length of c.38cm (15") from the top to the bottom ring.    Drawstring section c.30cm long (12”).
  • Large: 40cm (16") diameter, with a length of c.58cm (23") from the top to the bottom ring.    Drawstring section c.45cm long (17.5").

Hanging Cylinder Cages

PriceFrom £18.75
Excluding Sales Tax
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