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We are a family-run business, founded at the turn of the 21st century by Arnold Johnson.  Arnold's passion for insects began in the 1950s with the collection and identification of butterflies.  At the age of 16 he began to breed British butterflies, firstly as a hobby and from the 1980s on a small commercial scale.


Growing increasingly dissatisfied by the range of insect cages on the market, Arnold decided to buy a sewing machine and make his own cages, offering the ideal habitat for his butterfly collecting and breeding activities.  Arnold's cages proved so effective that friends and colleagues started to ask him to make cages for them, and he founded  'Johnson Cages' to do this.  The company soon gained a reputation for quality and price, supplying cages for individuals, retail outlets, and research organisations both within the UK and internationally. 

Arnold's nephew David, and David's wife Emma took over the business in 2010.  We aim to provide a wide range of competitively priced, high quality, effective netting cages and traps for beginners and enthusiasts, schools and educationalists, and for professional researchers.  


We have a wide standard range of cages and traps, and as our products are manufactured in-house we are also able to produce individual commissions (providing the design can be made using our standard materials).  So if you need something specific please email us.  We will do our utmost to meet your needs with our bespoke design service.


Sadly Arnold passed away on 15th April 2020.  An intelligent inventive man with many talents, he retained his interest in butterflies right until the end.  He will be sorely missed by all those who shared his enthusiasm and expertise. 


Ento Nets remains a family enterprise with a wealth of experience in netting cage manufacture, a fitting legacy for the man who had a lifelong passion for entomology.

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